Day 2014 I am HERE!! 

In Boone NC at Cheap Joes. Hanging out with Charles Reid and his adorable wife Judy. And Joe Miller aka Cheap Joe is here too. Such great people. And my friend Mike and her husband Alan. 

In the class of 18 we have had the first of May class with at least the same 7 or 8 people now for three years so we are all getting to be friends. Several of them were in my class in Charlotte too –  a small world of watercolor painters. 

So what did we paint today?! FLOWERS AND more FLOWERS. 

This is Charles’ painting from today. He takes a break every 20 minutes. It took him maybe two hours to paint this.  Down by 11:30. Sigh. One day.  

This is what he was painting.  Judy said they had large decoy collections at their house in Nova Scotia.  No surprise there. He always paints his decoys. 

His paint box.  This box costs about $500. He finally bought it because he was going thru $80 Holbein palettes like mine every two years. This one will last him forever. 

Ok so what did I paint today?! This is it. Well one of them.  Half sheet of Fabriano 300# cold press. My almost Charles Reid!! 

Ttyl. Time for bed. All this painting is exhausting. Margaret xoxoxo

5 thoughts on “Day 2014 I am HERE!! 

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks. Wasn’t luck it was a friend telling me to call at 9 am when the classes posted. It filled in 15 min. I had alarms on my phone to remind me. And it worked.


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