Day 921 Dr Sketchys part 1

Our model last nite was just phenomenal.  She struck pose after pose with NEVER a down minute.  These are all two minute poses drawn with my pentel brush pen in a large super aquabee sketchbook. 

My favorite of the nude poses I think. If you have ever done a gesture drawing that’s how I do these. Well at least I think that’s what I am doing. 

Or maybe this is my favorite 

Not quite done. Ran out of time. Two minutes goes fast. Maybe I spent it breathing after the first three poses. 

Yes two minutes. Funny how fast you can sketch with the pentel brush pens. 

Ilaina is also into yoga and ju jitsu. Two minutes. ALOT of drawing for two minutes. 

Ditto the above. Sometimes I surprise myself. 

A Bientôt. Yoga time soon. 

Margaret xoxox

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