Day 910 – Hours of Marks MakingĀ 

Happy MLK Day dear readers!!  A holiday is always a good day for lots of drawing and painting. 

Spent three hours last nite drawing this old rice paddy down the street from my house which is built on an old antebellum rice plantation. No idea how many pens I used. Also scratched the wild rice tops with my xacto knife.  At least I assume that’s what they are. 

The assignment was to make a variety of marks. And I tried to add a variety of tones and not relie on lines. Have you ever tried drawing weeds and trees without line. Not easy.  

Stillman and birn Zeta.  I know I used my Noodler Konrad, both pentel brush pens, my carbon platinum pen and my Lamy Safari and a white pentel gel pen.  They each make such different lines both in weight of line and style of line. Even the two pentel pens are very different from each other. 

A detail for those who don’t like to click on the big pic. 

 And a few words from MLK himself. Words to live by in a daily basis too. 
Ttyl off to draw. 

Margaret xoxox