Day 912 a little conch republicĀ 

And a little more FauvismWhat we jokingly call a jacaranda when we head to key West. The trail on the Sunshine Parkway to Key West and we try to entertain ourselves. One way is the first jacaranda sightings which we usually spot south of Orlando. 

The Tale of the Jacaranda 

Now why do we call Norfolk Pines Jacarandas?  My first trip to Key West I sent a picture of a very tall thin tree to a friend who grew up in Florida. She told me it was a Jacaranda even though we thought it was a Norfolk Pine. I finally looked it up and yes it’s a Norfolk Pine. They grow fifty or more feet tall in southern Florida. Straight up like a cornstalk. 

But that’s southern Florida for you. Every house plant we have grows to enormous size. Our house plants are their outside foundation plants.  Pothos and philodendrons have leaves bigger than dinner plates and grow stories tall just like the Jacaranda Pine tree. 

Stillman and Birn mixed media Zeta Ted Nuttals transparent colors. My small Isabey mop. Well mostly. 

Yesterday after I bough the sunflowers I remembered that Earthfare sold some gorgeous red radishes with lots of green leaves. So I made an extra trip 8 miles up the street and got a bunch. $2.99 ouch. Cheaper than flowers though. 

Once again we were to use as many cooors as we could to draw these after drawing the first one in the colors the object is. I was lazy and left them on the plastic bag. 

Number 1.  Fun but I like the other one better. 

And all the colors I used.