Day 922 You Knew It 

Part 2 Dr Sketchys. I did more than a dozen sketches Wednesday nite. And met friends for a delicious dinner at Bees Knees before. Avocado chop chop. Who knew a baked avocado could be  So delicious. Loaded with crab. I really must draw one. And the rainbow trout perfection. All the while we sat in a store display window eating all this deliciousness. 

Going to have to go back and snap some pics when the bar is full. Love this shot it just needs people. 

More jujitau sketches. This one was five minutes I think. 

Hmm his head is too small I think. Hard to tell now with no reference pic. 

We were suppose to add a monkey to this contest sketch but darn I forgot. Too busy drawing and painting. 

Not bad but head is off. Ilaina really is a gorgeous woman inside and out. Doesn’t do her justice. 

The best of three attempts. Body is good but face too cute. 

Chin too long. Legs too short. As I told Rachel I peaked too early. Lol. 

And oh my – legs ridiculously short. Actually head doesn’t look bad. The vagaries of fast sketching.  

Another contest sketch. I will actually be selling this one at Wet Paint an auction for Greater Augusta Arts Council Feb 18. Funny while sketching it I realized that I had no idea what an ak 47 or a kolishnikof looks like. I don’t even know how to spell the later. lol. 

Busy day. Ttyl 

Margaret who needs to shed Her cat and dog blanket and get dressed. Xoxoxo