Day 896- Happy New Years Again?! 

Since it’s a Federal holiday and they even shifted the Rose Bowl Parade to today why not two Happy New Years wishes. I still have more Key West sketches but I finished this Atlanta sketch yesterday so thought I would “change it up” as some of my kids used to say. 

I dew this a Friday after I made a quick visit to  Sam Flaxs on Peachtree and I really like the way it turned out. 

I painted it with my water brushes and my two small travel palettes. One is full of Winsor and Newton colors plus Inathrodone and Quin coral. The other is full of a few leftovers from my old Windsor and Newton travel palette that broke like Thalo blue and green and black plus white gouache and eight various quinacridones from Daniel Smith including the Quin gold. 

Stillman and birn zeta with Lamy EF. Lexington Grey Ink. 

Not having enough to do I decided to join the sketchbookskool class a drawing a day lead by Veronica Lawlor who teaches I think at Pratt or Columbia in NYC. 

The directions were to draw a still life in a continuous line with a fine point sharpie. I couldn’t resist adding shadows oops.  And lettering is always irresistible to me. 

Since I still have Christmas up I decided to draw my collection of “misfit” snowmen and ladies. When Christmas is over I go to Tuesday Morning or TJ Max and get a deal on these who are usually missing an eye or a nose and I fix them. 

Now resisting the urge to paint it. 
Ttyl French class soon!! 

Margaret enjoying her new year.