Day 917 Urban Sketching the Woman’s March

Despite the deluges yesterday a large crowd turned out. It was a rainbow kind of crowd – old and young, men and women, LGBT and even a few dogs.


I drew these yesterday on a very wet day in downtown Augusta. The March and the speeches were at historic Springfield Park where Morehouse College started at Springfield Baptist across the street. 

The flame like sculpture on the rampart is all a part of the park. I did paint these at home. I didn’t think watercolor would work  too well in deluge weather.  Besides there was nowhere to put anything down because it POURED all morning too. 

A second even faster sketch of the happy crowd of raincoats and galoshes.  I think the correct number of marches was actually 671 but the speakers said 370 and 20 countries. 

The sketches were done in my Stillman and Birn Zeta mixed Media with my very patriotic Red Noodler Konrad.  I added the flags and the signs to give more interest to the sketches.  

Notice the big raindrop blotches on the ink?! Oops. Bravely I kept on sketching standing on top of a bench for a better view.  

Here’s the first sketch and a picture of the crowd and park. The local news reported 600 people were there.  I think there were closer to 1000. Guess it’s impossible to count. 

Somebody asked me how I drew these. The only thing I can say is start at the front and fill in the crowd moving back or you won’t have room for the people in the foreground. 

You can not draw a counter in a restaurant and then add people. You have to do it people first then the counter or pencil in the counter which I rarely do. Sometimes it gets me into trouble when I forget the order :

People first background last!

Happy sketching. 

Margaret madly painting black edges on canvases for her show at 4p in February. Xoxoxo and yes it’s still raining.