Day 902 Mahjong Ladies and a guy 

Trying to fill up the last few pages of my Stillman and Birn zeta sketchbook. Drawn with my Lamy Safari filled with Lexington Grey ink. 
Stopped by Higher Grounds cafe to look for a book and found multiple tables of Mahjong filling the cafe. 

Irresistible. I sat down to draw them. I don’t think any of them ever noticed me sitting a few feet away sketching them. They were very involved in their games. 

Oddly enough they had been there the day before when I played bridge there with my friends. I am now wondering if they are there everyday. Will have to drop by and see. 

This old man was also irresistible. He was sitting there reading something and enjoying his coffee. Clemson orange shirt. A lot of that lately.  Championship game tomorrow nite. 

Painting. Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. Been adding slot of purple to the quin sienna in the backgrounds. And my painting with my Richeson #12 mop. Keeps me from getting too picky. 

I resisted the urge to splatter. Think the guy could use some don’t you?! 

Have a great Sunday. Stay warm. 

Margaret xoxoxo who thinks it’s time to shed her flannel jammies don’t you?!