Day 904 Movie challenge 

There’s something about a Miss Marple show. I love all of them in their various reincarnations. 

 I have sketched Miss Marple before – the previous actress before Julia McKenzie. Julia portrays a sharp tougher version of Miss Marple and GPTV our PBS channel has been replaying her series on Thursday nites and Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday I like to just let PBS run as long as it’s not begathon time. Thank goodness they are done with that for a week or so. 

I paused the tv and took a pic of her in an interesting pose. 

I drew her with my pentel brush pen off my iPad. And it didn’t go well. I got too heavy handed with the dark shadows. 

Gouache to the rescue. Almost like using acrylics. The background is watercolor. Peacock blue and hematite green. Then I scratched the wc off the palm tree. 

Last spread in my Stillman and Birn Zeta. Hurrah. 


Margaret xoxox

Day 903- I had to

Paint Calvin the guy who showed up for me to draw Friday. In the rain playing “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.”

 47 degrees rain and I was out there with him drawing him. Which of us was crazier. 

Stillman and Birn mixed Media zeta journal Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

Here it is before I drew it. 

Sketchbook School homework. Fill a page up with doodles using various pens and pencils. 

Here are the six pens and pencils I used to make the marks with. I have to day I thought this was a dumb assignment but really enjoyed the 15-20 minutes it took to draw this. 

Made me feel like Picasso or maybe Matisse. 

Try it I bet you will like it too. 

River Bend sunset out my back door tonite. So bright it lit the den up which was how I noticed it. I was too busy blogging to look. Oops. 


Margaret xoxoxo