Day 920 -Charlie Rose Asks the Hard Questions 

My favorite.  Today’s Sketchbookskool homework was to draw four freeze frame views of the human head. I took these off air this morning on CBS This Morning by pausing the tv. 

I think I should have sharpened my pencil more. I think they look a little over worked because of the dull pencil. If I knew where my mechanical pencils were I could use them. Lost somewhere in this house. 

My Cheap Joes #2 did a great job but like all #2s it quickly dulls. Hey but it’s a free pencil that you get with your Cheap Joes orders. 

My second favorite.  A yarn bomber crocheted him a pair of size 13 sneakers. Charlie likes his feet to be comfy and ALWAYS wears a pair of sneakers. 

First attempt.  I think he looks tired. 

We were suppose to draw a profile. Most commentators are rarely in profile so not a great reference photo. Had to get done because tonite Dr Sketchys. More drawings to come hopefully. Our model is one of the Saturday models. The lovely Ilaina. Hurrah. 

Bientôt. Off to school. 

Margaret having a very busy three days. Xoxoxo

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