Day 906 Sneezing is not 

Conducive to art making or exercising. Allergies beseech but they should be much better by tomorrow. That’s the good thing about allergies. 

I did this last nite when I was just tired. So I misspelled Kaffe. Only one e. I drew the pike of fabrics with just marks no lines separating each fabric. Used 8-9 pens in the process. Fun project you should try if you have a spare hour and a pile of tea towels or shirts. Variety is the key thing. 

So were did that other e go?! Photoshop. Took about five minutes to figure out how to use the clean up tool as in which was the right tool and BOOM it was done. 

Ps that Stillman and Birn Zeta does love ink. 

Hmm wonder that bandaid tool works on allergies. Erase them?! 


Margaret xoxoxo