Day 911 Finally some color and Fauvism! 

Color always excites me. The more the better. The reason I took this class. This week in sketchbookskool drawing a day class we are finally using color. All 96 crayons. And Prismacolor pencils and a few pens. 

The challenge today was to draw flowers two ways. One the normal way and one in a fauvist  style using as many crayons as possible. See below for all the crayons I used!!  

Fauvist is an early 20th century movement lead by Matisse that grew out of Impressionism. It means wild beast because the pictures have colors where you would never find them in nature.  

This was drawn by drawing a bit then changing to another color. 

Of the two it’s my favorite. 


Here’s the first sketch drawn using the color the sunflowers and the case truly are. Much more boring than the first one don’t you think?!  Try it!! Grab any crayon and draw a bit grab another and keep going.  You can be a wild beast too. 

All the crayons. 😱 

You will find one or two will Judy not show up on the paper. 

This is yesterday’s homework mark making in color. Instructions were to fill up a page with marks only. 

I used just a handful of colored pencils and a couple of markers. This took about an hour believe it or not. Fun to do. 

Prismacolor pencils are the best.  If U don’t  have some go get some. Michaels half price coupon. 

Bytw don’t drop them. They break inside the wood and become hard to sharpen. Ask me how I know? !!

Here’s what I used. 

Thanks for reading. More color fun tomorrow. 

Margaret xoxoxo