Day 926 – Ponce City Market-Day 3

Working little is Looking Down

This is day three working on this huge acrylic. Well huge for a very short person. Lol. It’s 3’x4′. 

Sorry the picture is not better. 

Bytw the photo I am using to paint from  was taken from the second floor of Ponce City Market looking down on the restaurant tables below. The ceilings are very high so it’s like it was take from the third story. 

The day I took photos the man on the right was everywhere. Always in the background cleaning. Always working silently in the background. 

This is what it looked like yesterday when I worked on it. Still a lot to do. I don’t have the picture of the sketch because I started painting it as I was sketching it. 

The sketch lines were becoming jumbled and confused so I started blocking in the colors so I could see what I was drawing. What was right and what was wrong. 

Colors used. The undercoating is Nickel Azo gold. Other colors pyrrole red, Winsor purple, thalo blue, black, burnt umber, titanium white. Also

Using up lots of tail ends of tubes before they dry out like yellow ochre. 

Ttyl gym time. 

Margaret tearing herself away from the tv. Xoxoxox