Day 901 And you thought it was Saturday 

Didn’t make it to life modeling due to snowmaggeddon that never happened. We were told to stay off the roads. I didn’t fancy an early morning 60 mile drive on icy roads. But wait no ice no snow. Sigh. 

I was going to draw the old railroad trestle downtown but could not get near it on the wet rainy day we had yesterday. I drove around to be sure I couldn’t get near it and draw in my car. 

I realized I could park and draw this old church that way. 

St Paul’s is one of the oldest churches in Augusta and is built on the site of old Fort Augusta. It has a great old cemetery which I wasn’t drawing in the rain. Lol. 

This is drawn with my pentel brush pen and my noodler Konrad embellished with a grey and a black tombow which I wet down with a water loaded synthetic brush to let it run. 

Splattered with the inky rinse water. Think it adds to the pic giving a raindrop effect. 

This is how the sketch looked when I left downtown. Can’t decide which one I like better. 

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xoxoxo