Day 916 skies 

When you live on a river you see a lot skies. Sunrises sunsets and 


wild storms blowing in from the west across Georgia and the Savannah River.

Because it was a stormy sky I used a lot of marks to make it hopefully seem stormier. 

These are done with Prismacolor art sticks and colored pencils in my Stillman and Birn Zeta Mixed Media Journal. Lines and lettering with the Lamy Safari I think or the EF. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxox

Day 915 Atlanta 

These are based on photos I have taken in Atlanta the last few years. Drawn on Stonehenge paper with Prismacolor pencils and art sticks. 

The High Museum 5×8″hmm this building is all white but not in my version. Added the red sky to hopefully make building pop. And dabs of lime green to make the red pop or was it the other way around. Complimentary colors do that. 

Ponce City Market-  5x 8″

I take so many photos of this building. So hard to get close enough to take pics of Tower on the right and the name on top of the building. I think one day that name will be an Atlanta icon similar to the Hollywood sign. 

The only difference in these two is the sky. The blue made the orange pop. Complimentary colors do. Think it helped don’t you?!  Also like the letters sort of there but not quite. 

 Fox Theater

I am always getting stuck turning left onto Ponce de Leon from Peachtree in front of the Fox Theater.  I love looking at it. And since I am stopped dead in traffic at a light I whip out my phone and snap a photo or two. 

The Fox is a fairytale Moorish palace complete with a  twinkling star strewn ceiling worthy of Scherazades tales in the heart of Atlanta downtown. If you haven’t been to a show in this one or the one in Detroit treat yourself and go. Just magical. 

 I am going to have another go at this one because it was the first one I tried and it’s not too great. And the Fox needs more from me. 
Thanks for stopping by!!

Margaret xoxoxo