Day 2108 Rachel remembered

Saucing it up at Dr Sketchys a few years ago. I carried these around in the hold of my car to give to her and kept forgetting them. I finally gave them to her family today at a memorial at Le Chat.

She was quite the Burlesque dancer. At today’s memorial at Le Chat we got to see old burlesque with Dirty South YouTube’s of some of her performances and outtakes from the movie Old Man of the Rocks she and her daughter made a couple of years ago.

Marian the Librarian from her favorite musical the Music Man. Her fans were many and her talents were legion. Her grandpa called her Marian the librarian.

Vamping for the Dr Sketchys crowd. Not my greatest sketches but they are now owned by her family. I hope they enjoy them.

Pentel brush pen superaquabee sketchbook caran d’ache neocolor ii. Tomboy markers.

Margaret tucked in for the night Xoxoxox

Day 988 Wow 13 more days

Til the big 1000!! 

Since 13 is a mystics number surrounded by bad luck impending done a journal page on palm reading seems like an appropriate post.   The assignement this week was to completely cover a two page spread with masking tape. Then study a palm reading chart and react to that. I am not exactly a girl who believes in palm Reading so this was a little difficult for me. 

I pondered the assignment of reading your palms for 4-5 days. Then I did all these pages in less than an hour.  I was flipping thru the old Bazaar magazine looking for images to collage on another page and found the red headlines. I thought perfect. I glued them on. The grey was a scrap from ripping out collage items for the other page. Perfect color. 

I literally pulled a couple of pieces of somerset collage paper out of this heap and traced my hands and glued them down quickly.  Then I started scribbling with Prismacolor artstiks and gel pens. 

Next I stamped some old Teesha Moore stamps that I had for years and never used. I still had the third page blank. I lettered with the paint pen and drew some arrows. Then it popped into my head to do an X-ray hand for the scar page-write down all your scars-because some scars are visible but some you can only see in an X-ray. Still have to journal those. 

This is a WIP. It will change. I got some transparent purple ink to paint on it just not had time. And I have a list of things to still try out. Here are what I brain stormed. 

Yellow gold aura. Lightening bolts

Light green on x ray hand thalo blue thinned on background

Outline letters in yellow? 

Green glow 

Heart Malagra

Anyway time to get going. Busy day. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 949 OOPPPs

Slated to appear on the local dr Sketchys page as the logo I think it’s the logo. Well will let you know!!

Went to Dirty South Burlesque at Le Chat Noir and almost forgot to blog tonite.  OOPPS. On the up side is I have NOT laughed so hard since….well I don’t know when. It was so FUNNY!! 
This is the cast at the finale. 

And then everyone dances. But I had to take pics. 

More of the dancing and 

Yes more. Lol

Did I say I have one at least free tickets to this at least three times and never gone. Well as I told Princess Augusta NO MORE!! I will be using them!!!

While we are on the subject of Chat Noir here are the rest of the dr Sketchys sketches. 

All but the last one are done with a Pentel brush pen, whisky painters box with Winsor newton watercolors plus Daniel Smith Quin coral in a super aquabee 11×14″ tablet. 
She was leaning on an exercise ball which I turned into the Chat Noir cat. Lettering in this one is done with a noodler Konrad. 

This was a challenge to turn the exercise ball she sat on into a cat. 

Turn her into a margaritas ad. I really wanted to put her on a glass but I didn’t have enough room.

Add a tropical animal. I turned her into Jane because I was tired of drawing her bikini. 

We had to draw her three times. Which is all I did. I never did the challenge. Oops. 

The End Fini Caput Finished drawn with caran Dache neocolor ii which were sprayed with a mister and allowed to drip. 

Gooodnite.  Tomorrow’s saturday. You know what that means!! 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox whose off to bed. Well as soon as the dog comes in. 

Day 948 Dr Sketchys part 1

Last nite was Dr Sketchys at Chat Noir one of my favorite times of the month. This is one of my favs of the ten or so sketches I did last nite.  I did not feel like dealing with her legs which were very heavy so I swathed her in a gossamer white gown and called her Cleopatra complete with a deadly snake. 

All sketches done with my Whiskey painter watercolor pallette loaded with Windsor newton WC and one lone Daniel Smith Quin coral and painted in a super aquabee tablet with a Pentel brush pen. 

A warm up doodle with my Noodler brush pen and a Noodler Konrad with sepia ink. 

2 minute sketch.  Pentel brush pen. 

2 minute sketch. Pentel brush pen

2 minute sketch. Pentel brush pen

Five minute sketch. Pentel brush pen. Tombow marker.  

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow. 

Margaret off to Aiken for an art show opening. Xoxoxo

Day 922 You Knew It 

Part 2 Dr Sketchys. I did more than a dozen sketches Wednesday nite. And met friends for a delicious dinner at Bees Knees before. Avocado chop chop. Who knew a baked avocado could be  So delicious. Loaded with crab. I really must draw one. And the rainbow trout perfection. All the while we sat in a store display window eating all this deliciousness. 

Going to have to go back and snap some pics when the bar is full. Love this shot it just needs people. 

More jujitau sketches. This one was five minutes I think. 

Hmm his head is too small I think. Hard to tell now with no reference pic. 

We were suppose to add a monkey to this contest sketch but darn I forgot. Too busy drawing and painting. 

Not bad but head is off. Ilaina really is a gorgeous woman inside and out. Doesn’t do her justice. 

The best of three attempts. Body is good but face too cute. 

Chin too long. Legs too short. As I told Rachel I peaked too early. Lol. 

And oh my – legs ridiculously short. Actually head doesn’t look bad. The vagaries of fast sketching.  

Another contest sketch. I will actually be selling this one at Wet Paint an auction for Greater Augusta Arts Council Feb 18. Funny while sketching it I realized that I had no idea what an ak 47 or a kolishnikof looks like. I don’t even know how to spell the later. lol. 

Busy day. Ttyl 

Margaret who needs to shed Her cat and dog blanket and get dressed. Xoxoxo

Day 921 Dr Sketchys part 1

Our model last nite was just phenomenal.  She struck pose after pose with NEVER a down minute.  These are all two minute poses drawn with my pentel brush pen in a large super aquabee sketchbook. 

My favorite of the nude poses I think. If you have ever done a gesture drawing that’s how I do these. Well at least I think that’s what I am doing. 

Or maybe this is my favorite 

Not quite done. Ran out of time. Two minutes goes fast. Maybe I spent it breathing after the first three poses. 

Yes two minutes. Funny how fast you can sketch with the pentel brush pens. 

Ilaina is also into yoga and ju jitsu. Two minutes. ALOT of drawing for two minutes. 

Ditto the above. Sometimes I surprise myself. 

A Bientôt. Yoga time soon. 

Margaret xoxox

Day 756 Dr Sketchys ii

Probably my favorite. Caran d’ache neocolor ii 5 minute sketch 

My second fav. Her face was too small to do a good job with the blunt crayons. 

Twenty minutes?! At least I got the legs right but maybe I should work on her disappearing hand. 

Another Marion the Librarian tombow markers 

And this is the ugly. Her eyes are way off. It was late and we left right after this so I am using that as an excuse!!  

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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Day 603 – another Dr Sketchys 

 The Pirate Pose.  The last pose of the night. Thirty minutes I think and what great costumes.  

I used tombow markers and water colors for this painting when I did not have the correct tombow color. 

The Vamp

Is In the box now. I think this is a thirty minute sketch. I think. Interesting pose but proportions are off. 


The hmm third pose of the evening. I changed to my Noodler Creaper Ahab. I rather like this sketch. Bytw the guns were fake. 

First sketch of the evening. Five minute pose. Sometimes you have to warm up. Done with a Kuretake brush marker. Really like his feet.   

The second pose.  Another five minute pose. Kuretake brush marker. Not bad. I was doing get great with the guys shoes. Hmm?!! 

Colors used Tombow markers. Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 534 Dr Sketchys

Tired Santa –  Ink glitter pens and Watercolor in superbee tablet. 20 Minute sketch. My favorite of the ones I kept.  

 Was great fun last nite.  

All the sketches are 10×14 watercolor and ink with wink of Stella glitter pens. I started with my Winsor Newton wc markers but found it easier to use my two small travel palettes I took to France- a whiskey painters palette and a cotman palette reloaded with artist grade watercolor. The skin tone is quinacridone sienna. Paintbrushes are the waterbrushes. 

What every girl wants for Christmas – 20 minute sketch 

Ink glitter pens and Watercolor in superbee tablet. 
   Princess Augusta  got a little wild and XXX rated with her poses. I have this one to the guys because they stood for twenty minutes with their hands in the air and they were so embarrassed over the pose. Think cheeks were bright red. 

Naught and Nice -15 min sketch

Ink glitter pens and Watercolor in superbee tablet. 

WIP – Santa’s Ugly Christmas sweater. Ten minute sketch.  Ink glitter pens and Watercolor in superbee tablet

First we did a fast sketch of the model and were suppose to just do the head. I forgot and started drawing his body and his tank top. After we drew him we had to make up an ugly Christmas sweater. The face could use more work. 

 I won two tickets to the Chat Noir New Years party with this sketch. Hurrah.

 I also won a free drink with another sketch but I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops!!! 

It was models choice. 

Best prize we all received tickets for the current Chat Noir show. Thanks Chris and Princess Augusta. 

There are a few more but they really require more work. 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret xxx