Day 214 Kitty Doodles

Got bogged down doing paperwork today but managed to draw the pot kitties on my back porch. Oddly once again two are missing. Last time that happened they turned up. So who knows. It’s a wait and see right?!

This morning they were busy playing inside and outside. Spent the afternoon snoozing. As I type they are waking up. Of course I Am done drawing them. Sigh

Anyway here they are. Used my Namiki Fude. Faber castell watercolor pencils. Was afraid to dampen the watercolor pencil because I knew the ink would run. Really need to order a bottle of platinum black. Never had these things problems with it.

Stillman and Birn alpha.

Zoe’s ready for Halloween. She was very excited when I put on her Halloween scarf.

The knitting is growing. 16″ or so now.

Margaret thinking abt a nap. Xoxoxox

2 thoughts on “Day 214 Kitty Doodles

  1. houseoftheredmug says:

    I am hopeful to acquire a cat who lives in the barn, by itself, sustaining selflessly and am told the barn cat is possible as scavengers for rodents. Water is the issue presented. Then, last night I am invited to meet a new digital artist from USA who makes the cutest toy kittens digitally. The images are for sale like the wide eyed little girl posters I used to believe in.

    The story you share is nice. ThX.

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Yes lots of people here have barn cats. These would do the same if I didn’t feed them. Problem w wild cats is they eat the birds too. Sigh


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