Day 897 More Urban Sketching or the Best Coffee in Georgia

I drew this the other day when I met Nellie Brannan for coffee at the Dancing Goats in Decatur. It’s Decatur’s favorite coffee shop. Their coffee is sold in Augusta at Augusta’s favorite coffee shop the Inner Bean.  

I drew the brave people sitting out on the sidewalk in front of the dancing Goats as they walked thru the scene.  There was alot of coming and going. 

Colors used cerulean quin gold cad orange cad red hookers green ultramarine blue quin coral and marine blue.  Stillman and Birn zeta Lamy Safari Lexington Grey 

Sketchbookskool homework. Draw a still life with thick and thin lines. I used a tombow instead of a fine and a thick sharpie. 

I really didn’t like the line drawing so I got out a watercolor brush and some water and let the tombow bleed. Then I added some water to the shadows and picked up the grey to splatter it. Like it a lot better now. 

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xoxox 

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