Day 388 and then there were more chickens!!!

Key West Post office chickens. $150 app 8x 40″ 

 Sorry about the cropping. My iPhone refused to let me crop it closer. 

  These were drawn at the post office while I sat on the steps of a lawyers office. The chicks got really friendly. But the two roosters were vigilant as usual!  


I tried to paint them loosely with a large paint brush a #12 Cheap Joes Legend. 

I also tried to let the colors blend on the page unless I did some negative painting. When I do negative painting I usually paint the light color and let it dry. Then I add the darker colors. 

Colors used burnt sienna and Quin gold. Cad red and vermilion for the comb. Inathradone blue and viridian green for the tails. Burnt umber added to make a black. 

The chicks were painted with Winsor yellow Quin gold burnt sienna and burnt umber.  

A dab of white gel pen on the eyes for sparkle. 

I splattered its with Inathradone and burnt umber. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 388 and then there were more chickens!!!

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks!! I actually thought about u when I was drawing them. Wondering what u would think about them. They can come to your house aka for slaw or barter lol.


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