Day 389 Drawing Duval Street

Duval Street – $150 app 8×40″ Heavy Stonehenge paper

I actually drew this one after I drew the chickens. I was so hot I sat in the Starbucks on Duval drawing passersby. 

I tried to give them a tropical feel. Crowds on Duval do not look like an Atlanta crowd or the denizens of my favorite cafe Inner Bean or customers running into Earthfare. 

Tank tops tshirts short shorts sunglasses and flip flops are the order of the day. Chickens  use the crosswalks and palms line the road. 

I tried to use bright tropical colors to give a tropical feel to this long strip. 

It was not the best vantage point to see people to sketch quickly. They went by TOO quickly. Mere seconds. 
TIP:  This was drawn with a Pentel brush pen. I actually have two brush pens because drawing these strips use up the ink.  Hate to run out while drawing a strip. 

 I generally start with the shoulders and next the head. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx 

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