Day 411 -A PelicanĀ 

I drew this brown pelican when I was at the Key West Wildlife Center with my brush pen. Finally got around to painting him. If you wonder why he was at the center I noticed while sketching he was missing the upper bill. For lack of a way to exlain it better the part under where your nose would be. I noticed because I saw his tongue while I was drawing him. He was above my eye level. 

  Here is another pic oh him if you want to draw him. See the slit in his bill? The reason he lives at the center. 
Since I drew this I have thought a lot about these poor birds doomed to live in cages forever because we polluted their world. Fishing line or a fish hook likely got his bill. Saddens me to thin that he will never get to soar on the currents or dive bomb for fish like he was supposed to do. Now he lives in a cage with another pelican. 

All I am going to say is DONT throw ur trash in the water. 

Colors used: Quin gold, cerulean, burnt sienna, and every blue I own for the water plus a little spring green and purple. 
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx