Day 1292 Evil Dead the Musical

Last night at dr Sketchys was a lot of fun. A lot of the sketches were done in five minutes and are approximately 11×14″ in a superaquabee. We had the cast of Evil Dead the Musical to sing for us. Amazing voices.

Alot of zombies.

And silliness.

Much splattering of gore which I did with a cheap Joes mop loaded with soupy alizarin and pyrrole red.

Drippy letters were made by painting with the same soup and holding the sketchbook my Superaquabee up vertically to drip and occasionally slamming it down on the table.

Sketched my Pennell brush pen.

Margaret off to Atlanta. Xoxoxox

Dr Sketchys fun Evil Dead the Musical cast at Chat Noir last night #drsketchys #augusta #pentelpen #watercolor #ink #inkdrawing #art #sketching #dailydrawing #walkingdead #zombies #evildead

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