Day 1268 – it’s Saturday or the case of the Snoozing Model

UPDATE: This is a 90 minute sketch so prone to indelible errors. But who knew Canson Watercolor board erased so well. I erased a lot of the heavy 6b lead lines off her and lifted some of the lights with the white bristle brush at the bottom

of the painting. Seriously I think I could have erased the paint!! Try it you might like Canson waterboard.

Before I lifted a few whites but after I erased some of the lead lines.

Or sometimes you need a good crop which is easy to do with watercolor on paper. Andrea kept nodding off today allowing her head to move lower and lower. Never a good thing when you are painting a love model. You set the pose and then spend the next two hours chasing it.

I also made her body WAY TOO long in the first drawing of it. It’s still too long but closer to the pose.

The sketch drawn with a watercolor pencil and then 6b lead. Should have stuck with the watercolor pencil which melted away till you couldnt see it. HOWEVER the lead showed the whole time.

At the end of the first forty minute session. The arm is still too wide aka thick. I do like the way the painting was going. I used a Canson waterboard 11×15 and my big Cheap Joes mop for most of the painting.

After second forty minutes. 80 minutes total painting. No idea how I smeared the purple paint across her chest. I do like the fabric in this painting.

I could not decide where to put her eye or the end of her nose because it kept moving. Eeekkk!!

Ton Needham’s Lovely soft unfinished nude. He was directly to my left.

Al Beyer’s huge oil. Four feet by 3′ or so.

Ilania’s small oil

Fred’s wild woman.

And the rest. Well we won’t publish them. It was a tough pose to paint. And the sleeping didn’t help.

My easel for plein air with a gorilla easel on top of of photography tripod – a cheaper tripod is very light weight. A good thing I hope. Or I will have to break out the heavy tripod.

Uses my Charles Reid hand helps palette to paint Andrea today.

Margaret xoxox who needs a nap and has a headache.

The case of the snoozing model Andrea or sometimes u need a good crop. Easy to do with watercolor. #uscaiken #lifemodel #nude #lead #pencil #sketching #watercolor #allaprima #aquarelle #canson #board #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham #albeyer #aiken#augusta

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