Day 1266 Still a little peaked

Tomorrow is our Art Profs last day. He retiring. I made this cartoon last year about all his smart quips that he dishes out. We all still giggle over this cartoon but I thought he would fuss over the shape of his head. It looks like him but not exactly.

I almost put it on the back of his retirement T-shirt I just picked up. This is on the back of his shirt. Now why didn’t I think to put a check or a box by each one to check off.

This is the front. We are hoping he will laugh at it. He’s also getting a cake with the same quips on the top of it.

Should be fun. Bytw this is just a partial list. It goes on and on. The shirt is not made that’s big enough for all of them.

Xoxoxox Margaret who has to bake even though I still don’t feel well.

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