Day 441 – More You know What! 

   Adam Harris Thompson Group

 Arts in the Heart is a BIG event in Augusta. Downtown closes down for several blocks. There were at least four stages with acts, tents for almost every nationality selling food and endless arts and crafters selling their wares. 

  The sketch

One of the band members named Michael I think. Played a great lead guitar. 

  Adam Harris Thompson Group is a great blues band. We really enjoyed their music. 

I actually drew the Adam Harris Thompson Group three times. This was the first time. There was an interesting group watching the act on stage which I had already drawn. I decided to draw them. Who knew it was the next group?!! 

I drew a lot of the audience too. And then drew the group again which is the first sketch. There is one more drawing of the group which I will post tomorrow. 

Tomorrow more u know what👀!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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