Day 433 Savannah Sketches

 River walk

 Got eight Sketches done on Sunday. Four in Savannah and four on Tybee. All of the Savannah sketches were done with my Lamy Fine point. 

  It was hard to resist those x’s ones the building. I think they hold the building together for earthquakes. I added the people as they strolled thru my view. If you want to give it a go feel free to use my photo. 

The Cotton exchange and the Freemasons Hall. Also on River front. 

The Sphinx fountain in front of the Cotton Exchange. How could you resist this guy?! 

Wesley Square. Love the guys.  John Wesley not so much. Better extend that live oak tree!! Oops. Actually I extended the drawing adding the men last and didn’t fix the tree. I had places to go and things to see and a timed parking place!! 😄

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 431 – Sketching Tybee

We packed up and left the house about ten am. The kids were off to Atlanta and it was SkEtcH TIME!! 

  These will all be watercolored soon but in the meantime I am sharing the sketches. I did eight total yesterday. A lot of painting soon. 

 If you want to draw this feel free.  Shrimp boat photos are hard to come by.   
 I found the perfect spot on a fishing dock when you first come one the island across from Fort Pulaski. The fisherman had to check out what I was doing.  
 So I drew him after he checked out my sketches. Think I better straighten up that bucket. Oops!! 

I switched to Lamy fine with this one. My noodles Konrad ran out of ink and my ahab was leaking. Guess I am going to have to fix it. 😳 That said I really liked the sketchiness of the fine line the Lamy does. 

Not the best pelican I have ever drawn but he will look better when he’s got some color on him. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx