Day 431 – Two point perspective Trick(TIP)

  is tough to say the least. And mine was confused on this painting. The bricks were off especially above his head. Oops!! 


 Al Beyer showed me a technique that is easy to do when you have two point perspective, i.e. perspective with two vanishing points. 

  The vanishing points are to the right and left of the painting on the horizon line which runs across the top of the OPEN letters. 

ALL parallel lines should converge at the vanishing point. The runs of bricks make up these parallel lines as do the top and bottom of the window and the bottom of the OPEN letters. 

So how to get them done correctly.  

 Get a piece of paper. Lay the straight  edge along the horizon line. Then fold the bottom edge up to follow  parallel line. I chose the window sill. 

  This is the order you fold the paper in.  

 Match 1 to the horizon line to get fold 2. Of course you can’t see 1 now!!  

Here it is on the painting. 

  Make fold 3 by matching up fold 2 with the horizon line. 

  Then make fold 4  by folding the paper in half between the bottom fold and the #2 fold. 

Ideally before you paint match the horizon line on your folded paper with the horizon line on the painting draw along the folds with a watercolor pencil to transfer the lines to your painting.

Flip the paper with the horizon line on the bottom edge  to get the top lines. 

Some thinking is required. And the whole thing reverses on the right side to complicate your life. 😳  


What you end up with looks like this. The lines were drawn with a brown watercolor pencil. The horizon line comes off of his shoulder.


Let me know if you have more questions. I will try to answer them. Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx