Day 436 – Ben

Ben – watercolor on crescent watercolor board 28″  x 20″ SOLD!!

This painting has taken about three weeks working on it off and on.


 Here are a few in progress photos of it. I use my cell phone to stand away from the painting and judge it’s progress. 
  His legs seem a bit short but I have measured and measured against the original photo and they are right. The photo is just taken at an off angle


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Margaret xxx off to sketch live at Arts in the Heart.  Eeeekkkk!!!

Day 435 – lost post

  and maybe that was a good idea. Just realized it was lost. Posted it to be scheduled to go out today at 10:30 am. Nothing. Wonder where it went?! Then it disappeared again. So I will post this paragraph and then add to it. I HOPE!! 

Originally I posted this picture but today I realized it wasn’t terrible it just needed a good crop. I wanted to make it about the live oak tree and the resurrection ferns on the sinuous boughs but it was really about the statute and the guys sitting in Wesley Square. I especially liked the guy on the right with the dreadlocks but all the guys turned out so well in the sketch.   

 And the two old guys on the left were just enjoying the fabulous fall weather last Sunday and having a great talk. 


Live oaks by Al Beyer 4’x 8′ oil on panel  
This is what a live oak should look like.  I came out of the art studio the other day at USC Aiken, and this awesome painting was leaning against the hall wall. I told Al I had just been sitting under that tree in Savannah the day before.  Just a wonderful painting. I wonder if I can out it on layaway?! 

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Margaret bed late today!! 😳 xxx