Day 421 – A Little Urban Sketching 


at Fitch and Fifth in Surrey Center in Augusta Ga. A room full of people and I am waiting to eat. What else would I do?!

 Scenes like this really call my name to get out my Noodler Ahab or my brush pen and get busy drawing.  

I do usually paint these later because I don’t want to impose on whoever I am with too much. 

TIP: Oh. Almost forgot. The ledger strip down the side.  Whenever you see that I can promise you there is something I really didn’t like about the sketch.  In this case it was a waiter running a bill. Usually a figure on the side is nice but this one was not!! What to do?! Glue some ledger paper down and record our dinner. 
Ps it was delicious. My trout was perfect. I forgot their five stars. Oops. Will fix that!!! Or maybe not. Really like it just the way it is. 

And you thought the body was round?! Enjoy. One more page left!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx