Day 428 Busy as a beeĀ 

  Day 1 at the dog park. I hated this one but now I think I like it because of all the people and all the dogs. 

The seat on the right was completely misdrawn. And I tried to correct it. I had run out of room for the people OPPS.  

This group is my favorite part. Lots of dogs, lots of people. I sit in my car in the parking lot and try to catch the people and dogs before they move. I used a Noodler Creaper pen and de artrementis document brown ink. 

The bench was painted with Daniel smith green apatite which granulates and Inathradone with a touch of burnt umber.  All painted wet on wet. The bushes were painted like the background in Monday’s post though I didn’t take as long. 

 I did this one today. There was only one dog in the whole park!? And three people. Wonder where the other dogs were. 


These were drawn yesterday or the day before. The tall guy stood there right until I started to draw him and then he walked off. Same thing happened with the lady. Before that they had a BIG conversation.  


Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx