Day 423 – A Demo

  We had the pleasure of watching Mr Yow of Northern China an acclaimed artist of the Lu Chin school do a demo and explain what his paintings mean last Wednesday.  

 I have three videos of him painting the horse but I Can NOT upload them to WordPress.  I will be uploading them to my Facebook business page where you can see them at 

It was fascinating to see him paint. This took four minutes for him to paint. 

Thru an interpreter he explained that he ponders his subject for a few days and then paints it quickly with a large chinese ink brush and ink on rice paper which he ripped off a large roll. 

In China they do not have watercolors or pencils – only ink. So all drawing, painting, and writing are done with ink. 


Also different artists specialize in one area. His is the horse. One artist specializes in shrimp painting. Really!!  

The  calligraphy is actually a poem that tells explains how he feels about the painting.


This is the granddaughter he hopes to have one day. The calligraphy tells that story of his hopes for his granddaughter.


All Chinese children grow up doing calligraphy with a brush in school. 
He also said that the chop, the red squares, can be a name, a nickname or something else. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx