Day 425 -a Tutorial – That bacKgRouD

Ilenia Kilimanjaro #140 cold pressed 22×30 -for sale email me at m c m h u n t @ me.c o m  of you need her. 

Or how many ways can you spell disaster?! Disasters are hard to fix when you paint with watercolor but sometimes you can if you are patient. 

 Yesterday I said I would post how I did the backgrounds on these two paintings of Ilenia. It involves ALOT of water and dripping paint.  
Ilenia Fabriano #140 cold pressed 12x 18-for sale email me at  m c m h u n t @ me.c o m of you need her. 


This was the background originally on last weeks painting.  What was I thinking?!  

Try lifting color next time you have a disaster. If it’s cold pressed paper you can lift the color. Some paper does it better than others. Fabriano does it best. The cheapest source of fabriano I have found is Cheap Joes. Cheap Joes Kilimanjaro also does a good job of lifting though not as good a job as Fabriano. 

Don’t forget Hot Press papers will not lift at all. Worst ever including my beloved Fabriano. I once mixed up some hot press fabriano with my cold press and used it accidently.  How many ways can you spell disaster?! 

This is basically how I did the backgrounds in the pictures. You may have to repeat the steps. hookers green size 12 sable legend I had the same reaction to that hookers green in this weeks paintings background. What was I thinking. Even worse the green is staining so I had to use other colors to get rid of it. 

  Blotting off that Ick green. 

So how to do that? First how I arrived at the background.  

Adding more water to lift the paint. 

More blotting with Kleenex. No puffs allowed. They have lanolin on them. 

  Adding yellow ochre to kill the green.   

 And a little burnt umber. 
Splattering soupy burnt sienna with my Legend 12 sable. 


The spatters melt out because the paint is wet.  
Then I repeat the above steps blotting off color and adding more til I like it. 

  Now what did I do to get rid of this too dark color. I hit it with the spray bottle, let it sit a few minutes and started blotting it off with Kleenex or paper towel. It gets to be a drippy mess and it usually ends up on the floor. 
And it ended like this. I did splatter the background again.  I think the colts I used were alizarin, mineral Violet, burnt sienna, Inathradone blue and cobalt. 

Ps don’t forget to wipe the drips off the floor before you track them everywhere. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx