Day 419 – College again!? 


On Monday and Wednesday I am auditing a painting class at a local college. SCARY stuff. NO PeNcIL allowed?! But he’s the boss so NO pencil. Should be interesting. 

He said if we can draw with a pencil we can draw with a brush. Hmm?! As I said he’s the boss he knows. 


Here’s the sketch drawn with my paintbrush and a very watery burnt sienna. I hope I get the hang of this soon.  Maybe I just need to practice sketching with my paint brush. My size 4 Isabey. 

Probably needed more painted information on the page. And darker paint?! No idea.  

Had a lot of trouble getting the head small enough. Not sure why but I did. Couldn’t be that I sketched it too large could it?! 


Not only was his head to big his neck which is slim is massive. Oops!!  

Ok so I cheated and got out a watercolor pencil because I was getting so frustrated with the head.  The light purple areas around the head are where I narrowed the head. I also ended up lifting the beard and the sunglasses. 

  Lifting is easy to do on good cold press Wc paper like this fabriano.  Just dampen it a bit with a brush and left off with a CLEAN paper towel or Kleenex. No puffs allowed they have lanolin in them. Not good for watercolors. 

Another day another page. I hope I didn’t post this one already. 

Onward and upward my painting partners. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx