Day 420 – Meet Me at the Rocket! 

 Inscrutable Half Sheet 300 # Fabriano 

Why at the Rocket?! 
 The South Carolina State Fair Art Show in Columbia, SC is a BIG statewide event in South Carolina.  And everybody meets at The Rocket, an old missile named Columbia donated to the state.

The Best in Show Professional prize is $2000!! And there are thousands more in prize money!! The paintings are my entries. I will be happy if they sell because droves of people attend the fair daily. 

Tea  Time  11×15″ 300# Fabriano 

Artists from all over the state enter and the competition is fierce. There are so many entries that they fill up half a huge butler building. There are at least 1000 paintings in the show. Some are outstanding some are beginners and there is everything in between. The good the bad and the ugly. 
I intend to sketch there.  Anyone want to meet me at the Rocket?! Lots of animals of all kinds to sketch. Roz Stendahl of Roz Woundup blog ( would be jealous!! She sketches at the Minnesota State Fair every year and organizes a huge sketch crawl.  

BYTW if you go don’t miss the huge sand sculpture that are two – three stories tall. They are pretty amazing.  Here are a couple of them. and
Another page for your drawing pleasure. 

 Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx