Day 422?? Painting 


 Update. Painted for a couple more hours. 

 So far 

This painting had been fermenting in my brain all week. And really ever since I saw it. Love the grunge look of it. 

And always liked this photo of my middle son. I started over for two reasons. The first one was on 140# and he had no feet.  This is on a full sheet Crescent watercolor board.  Heavy stuff. 

 The feet thing did it for me. Lol. Do over. He needed feet. And I had trouble with his head. Still too big. As I said on my fb wall watercolor is a roll of the die.  Sometimes you win sometimes not. Like the new one better anyway. 

Here’s the sketch of it. All those grey lines worried me. Hard to have transparent color and those lines not show. I think they are going away. I HOPE. 

  The face was a hash of lines. 

Professor wants you to paint the drawing with a brush. 😳 I don’t know any WC people who do that but I was game to try. 

I did draw a little with a grey watercolor pencil because toooo many grey WC lines. I erased all the grey lines I could with my moo erasure from cheap joes. We love our moo erasures. 

Love the pants and the drip down the neck of the tshirt. The right arm is too wide but I think I can correct that with the background. 

Pray for me !👍😃

Last page. 

Thanks for reading. Back to painting. 

Margaret xxx