Day 424 – Yes it’s SuNdAy!!! 

Ilenia full sheet 22x 30″ 140# Kilimanjaro for sale. Email me at m c m h u n t @ m if she needs to come live with you. 

As you may know I usually post the life modeling session on Saturday but Miss Ilenia was misbehaving. Or maybe it was the painter?!  😳

Before I start wanted to remind you that if you haven’t seen Mr Yow doing Chinese painting on my Facebook wall you should. It’s only 4 minutes.

 I am going to make a mental checklist or maybe I should write it down to review before I start painting. Meditate on it. Put it under my pillow and sleep on it. Put it on the bathroom mirror. 
She was drawn with a #4 Isabey sable watercolor brush w a grey that was mixed with everything in the corners of my palette.  Twenty minutes sketching. When you use a paintbrush on watercolor paper you have to think about where each line goes. Trying for no do overs. 


  • No head smaller than 4″ EvEr!!
  • Shoulders even?! 
  • Arms the right length?! 
  • Eat in the right position?! 
  • Start painting on the face first. (The face makes me nervous so I tend to start on it after I do the body. NOT good because in a two hour drawing session I run out of time. Since I tend to slap paint on when I get in a hurry guess what I do?! Not a good look on a face!! )
  • And last shadows even across the face?? (Aka shadows on face should NOT Be darker than the body. Gives a beard effect. Not good on a pretty young girl!!!)
  • Ps only use burnt sienna and cerulean on a young girls face or the shadows get too heavy. Charles Reids rule and he is THE Master!!

The first forty minutes including sketching. A Quin coral and french ochre wash. Both are transparent. Raw Sienna and cerulean shadows. 

Next forty minutes. Mistake number one on the face. Eyebrow and eye too dark and heavy. She had dark eyes but using burnt inner and ultramarine made them TOO dark. Next time repeat the mantra burnt sienna and cerulean only. The eyebrow is too long too. No shadows Around the eye make them look pasted on. 

Also lost the edges of the back of her hair so she would not look cut out and glued down. It makes your eye look at her face not her hair. 

After Life modeling. Two hours. I put her down in the parking lot and took her pic in the noonday sun. 

  She needs some background to make her PPP. I chose green because it’s the opposite of pink or red. But oh my gosh what’s wrong with that face?! 

Lots of minor things. Eat was a little low. The mouth too down turned. The eye shape off. Forehead a hair too narrow and TOO round. Otherwise she was looking great. 

 After a lot of twitching around I am happy with her. Shoot me an email if she needs to come live at your house!! 

 Now my biggest question is crop closer or leave full sheet?! Leaning toward the cropped version. It follows the rules of thirds and I like it best. Which one do you like best?! 

Tomorrow will tell you how I did the background. It too was rough for a while but really like it ALOT now. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx