Day 437 – Sacred Heart

  A beautiful old deconsecrated Catholic Church in downtown Augusta. Supposedly it even has a ghost in one of the bell towers.  

  It’s hard to get a clear view of the entire front of the church. Trees have been planted that block the view so I only drew the top. 

I knew the sketch had problems when it was drawn but painted it anyway.  Painted with my Isabey mop #2. No control over it and should have changed to a sable to even up the towers.  Oh well.  I think it might be my Rouen cathedral to paint over and over. 

From Wikipedia 

It was built by Jesuit priests and its first service was on December 2, 1900. The church had been in Augusta for 70 years, until it closed in 1971 due to modern suburban advancements. While the building was vacant, it endured much vandalism and was near destruction.
It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.[1]
In 1987, the Knox Foundation renovated the building and opened as a vibrant center of the city for cultural events. The building now host events such as wine festivals, choral concerts, and Christmas events. It is one of the best examples of redeveloping downtown Augusta.

More Sacred Heart tomorrow. The inside!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx whose actually reading a book instead of drawing or painting. 

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