Day 437 – Sacred Heart 2

The altar of Sacred Heart.  As a little girl I used to go with my best friend. Her family attended services here. The mystery and beauty of the old church always mesmerized me. 

The stained glass in this Romanesque church is amazing. The nave soars high above the pews lined with banks of beautiful old stained glass clerestory windows. 

The marble and gilt altar is unlike any church that I have been in. Ornate and loaded with statues of Jesus saints and angels. Topped off with soaring stained glass and a ribbed dome. So much to look at it makes you dizzy!! 
I recently attended a meeting there and drew in a strathmore 500 mixed media sketchbook with a Carbon Platinum pen while I listened to the speakers. 

More Sacred Heart tomorrow. Of course there are more sketches!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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