Day 894 A Long Winters Nap

And a Happy New Year to all if you dear readers. Sherlock starts tonite in PBS. Hurrah. Ok so maybe it’s just my sense of humor but my JRT Zoe has slept this busy day away. I probably should have but instead decided to clean house, unpack,  paint, unpack, and knit. 

I also started to put the kombucha in the fridge instead of the pantry when one of the bottles decided to explode in the pantry. Sigh. Imagine champagne exploding in the pantry and you have the mess I was dealing with. Dropping off the shelves. Puddles on the floor. I added mopping to the list. 

Back to the sketch which is why you came by right?! She was curled up on the back of a Christmas quilt I left thrown on the living room sofa backside up. 

Colors used quin burnt orange, quin coral,  yellow ochre, burnt sienna, cerulean, cad red and ultramarine blue. 

Dinner time. Hungry so ttyl 


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