Day 887 Christmas Craziness

Has started. Sorry for the short post! Brunch at Blue Heaven is always a treat. Amazing shrimp eggs Benedict with key lime hollandaise. I know sounds terrible but oh so good. 

And the atmosphere is just fun and whacky. Breakfast with the chickens lunch in the shade is their motto. Actually I fed the chickens some of mine. They LOVE blueberries. 

This is the view from our table. Even during high summer it’s so wonderfully cool under their trees. 

Bytw Hemingway used to box on this property. Famous people are never far away in Key West. 

Back to my Christmas stocking knitting crisis. Oh wait I have to bake cookies and pack the car and finish wrapping and. Sigh. Helllppp. 

Third attempt at stocking is the charm.   

This one which I stayed up til one knitting would turn out to be THREE feet long. So this morning I decided to use the old pattern that my mom first used for our stockings in the late 50s. So far so good. Santas about half done. The first attempt was not even a third done and already 11 inches long. Eekk. 


Margaret who is oh so busy. Xoxoxo 

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