Day 26

And I thought it was Day 27 hmmm

This am with Koosje. Draw your shoes up close. I actually painted this but no photo and I hate to disturb Zoe whose snoozing in my lap. Micro Uniball Lamy Safari stillman and birn Alpha.

She’s had an exhausting day today. Went for a ride around. No human contact don’t worry.

And colored pencils with Danny at noon. I drew my Nikon. Waiting for a sunny afternoon to take some bird photos. Had to wash the sliding windows too.

Used three or four pencils. Blue orange yellow and red. No five. Purple too. Fun technique. Wild coloring.

And this was waiting for me in the mail box. Woohoo. Bought my pirate queen Comtesse Chloe Le Chat: Corsair Extrodinaire from Juliana Coles who posted them on Facebook. Love the words too. “In Times like this the Heroine takes her place. Batten the hatches. Fly the Colors!! ” perfect for the pandemic.

And look at all the swag that came with it. I might love her – the cat and Juliana. 🤗 Chloe is now in quarantine airing out for a few days but I can admire her every time I walk by her on the kitchen counter near the hall door.


Margaret watching Maine cabin masters. Batten the hatches!! Fly the colors!!xoxoxo

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