Day 42 – From the corner of my sofa

The Days drawijngs. Draw your weekend plans. Not much planned but cooking and art. Still getting over my bronchitis. Blue uniball pen and watercolor pencils. I stumbled across Morgan from Sketchbookskool drawing love today. Memories of home.

Soooo of course I had to draw the huge red Maple in my front yard. The beaver ate the one thatwould have been on the right side of the house. The maple Is three stories tall!!

Namiki fude pen lent itself well to this drawing. Title page of my first journal book filled in a record three weeks. The skeletons came from Juliana Coles when I bought my pirate cat painting frim her. Love the skeleton.

And me playing at drawing myself as an Egon Schiele sketch. Alwaus loved his ink drawings. Namiki Fude again.

Margaret ready for bed. Busy day again tomorrow. Xoxoxo