Day 39 How do the days

Just get so busy?! Maybe the double shot of Espresso this am?!

Lifted the area taped on this drawing with a damp sea sponge. Still have to repaint it.

Here it is now. It was the same color as the bottom part and I didn’t mess up the light. Thank goodness.

Thought you might like to see the only way I know how to load a palette without skipping colors. Getting ready for Vlads Tuesday paint along.

Here it is loaded and ready to go. This palette worked well with his technique. It will seal and keep the paint wet. It’s either an Alvin or Miele.

So here’s The Green Door (Fabriano rough press 140# paper) painted today when we spent the afternoon in Prague. I am quite pleased with it. My friend Ruth said NOT to touch it. Hmm. She usually knows. But maybe those red flowers need a little brightening?!! Just a tad.

Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev
Vlads photo. Kinda wish my flowers showed more but oh well.

My value sketch. Off to the races with Vlad.

Greens done. Cad yellow cobalt teal and cobalt. Oh a bit of ultramarine.

adding windows

Getting heavy handed but painting as fast as I can to keep up.

Flowers Done.

adding dark calligraphic lines.


This is Vlad yeliseyevs. Still way better than mine but I am getting better. Three hours of painting as fast as I could and I can paint fast. Pant pant. We did get breaks today. Hurrah. Tough task master but learning a lot. He explains everything from the colors to use to how to do it as he paints. Oh and he has to handle the video production too. A man of many talents.

Take his class!! You will be glad you did.

Margaret who needs to call her mom. Xoxoxox