Day 27

I actually got up in time to do the sbsdrawingparty with Koosje this am at 8. Usually I am thinking about getting up.

Draw the room with a plant in the foreground. Colored pencils. I used Watercolor pencils because I was too lazy to get up and find my colored pencils at 7:55. Enough just to show up. They are now found and sharpened aka ready.

I just happened to have a great white amaryllis that I needed to bring in off the porch. What a treat to see it going crazy again around Easter. This is its third year blowing for Easter.

Anyway a fun technique to use. See you there in the am?!

Finally got this one done sorta more or less.

Danny’s class bombed out so that’s it for today. Think maybe I should have left this black and white. Oh well. Now it’s just a photo of black and white.

social distancing on the river.

Like this guy I am tired. Always a hoot laying around subbing on the porch rail.

Hmm bedtime. Maybe I will get up early again tomorrow.

Margaret xoxo