Day 29 Self Portrait

Danny – Self portraits 😫😫😫😫🥴My friends all say it doesn’t look like me. I don’t care. It was just fun to do. All those wild colors. I was going for a red green limited palette like we did in ALS class but darn that purple pencil called my name and I answered. Who doesn’t love Purple?! The orange is a member of the red family right?!

Prismcolor pencils

Finally found Koosje on YouTube despite looking for her on Instagram at 8 am. Draw bathroom supplies. Been wondering why I had all these tubes of hand lotion. I was saving up for all our hand washing needs slathering it on has begun to make my hands itch.

And the great british bake-off. Been watching too much Mary Berry but this bread is delicious. Made with regular King Arthur though I used this recipe.

I used my kitchen aide dough hook to knead it. Let it rise in the oven over a pan of hot water. Then turned it into a loaf.

Let it rise again over hot water in the oven. Baked at 375 for 35 min. Next time it’s getting 30. A little too brown. Has a wonderful thick crust.

This bread is as good as a cookie.


Margaret off to bed. I lost my sketchbook for a while or I would have illustrated this recipe. Manana people. Stay safe. Xoxoxo