Day hmm 32

Left one is prismacolor pencils. Did him because I really didn’t like the Lamy Safari version on right. Same guy!!🤔🤔🤔😵

Here he is. An Aussie mug shot.

So I played with the one on right some more. Now I actually him better and think he looks more like the original. Maybe I will work on Mr Leftie some more.

Last nite was crazy. 60 mph winds whipping for hours. 40 tornadoes reported in Ga and more on SC. None hit here as far as I know hit that wind kept me up howling all nite. About five I could hear the big oak near my bedroom CREAK!! I have never heard it do that in the 20 yr I have lived here. Scared me so I went downstairs and slept on the sofa at the other end of the house. Woke up about nine. NO power. So Zoe and I sat in the back porch enjoying the gorgeous morning. I have finally gotten rid of most of the pollen.

Power back so it was time to draw with Danny.

Since I couldn’t draw with Koosje I did it later today. Some old half dead flowers that I need to pitch.

Glad this crazy day is done. A beautiful soft sunset.

I am up early in the morning for the grocery store. Margaret who is tired.