Day 40 dragging

Calligraphy day with Danny. I LOVE a calligraphy. And it’s the last drawing in my Stillman and Birn I started at the end of March. Fastest I have filled one of them. An alpha has about 94 unique pages. So a lot drawing.

This may be one of my favorite drawings. The Hepburn quote was too good to pass up and there was That amaryllis newly flowering. A new shoot coming on now and two new blooms while the two in the sketch are drooping. Too good to pass up.

I like the added page of my parents old business ledger from years ago with both of their handwriting on it. After I did the lettering with the Namiki Fude which will defy your urge for perfection I lightly painted a vining plant and splattered the background.

First drawing yesterday in my new sketchbook. Filled up the other one. 52 double pages in about a month.

This one is a little loud and ovnoxous but I had fun which is all that matters. Words for strawberries in a wide range of languages. Hope they are spelled right.

I drew this with a set of water soluble Pilot Varisty pens that I have had for years. A veritable rainbow of colors.

Danny did freeze frame drawings job sbsdrawingparty today from his video Red Hook of Tommy Kane doing some urban sketching.

Danny tried to wear us out. Each drawing was only two minutes. Lamy Safari.

Last but not least a quick sketch with Koosje drawing cups and bowls from the kitchen. Only improvement would be to make a bigger difference in the height of the stacks. Thought about using a spoon but it was too late.

Drawn with a Pilot Precise Rolling Ball marker that bleeds when you wet it. Fun effect.

Margaret who needs a nap. Xoxoxo. Ps don’t forget to wear your masks.