Day 943 The Two Dowagers

Upper Broad Street used to be lined with these late Victorian houses. Now there are only three left. They look tired but not quite derelict. These two stand by themselves like two old ladies. 

The light was great yesterday –  and the houses were bathed in the bright winter sun which lit them like a spot light. 
I added the guy walking by. He’s really just an oval, a rounded triangle for the body, and a couple of strokes for legs and feet. Ditto for the arm. 

I coated the houses w a very light Quin gold. Makes them look sunny I think. 

Colors used-Sky. Hmm peacock blue?! Hookers green and hematite, Quin gold, cerulean, burnt umber and ultramarine, Quin burnt orange, vermilion. 

The trees are done w a watery soup of cerulean and Quin burnt orange to give the effect of bare winter limbs. 

The biggest thing that gives this look is using my small squirrel mop. You cannot get to picky with it. An #8 I think. 

In a Stillman and Birn Alpha w 92 pages which means they are thin. And they are wavy causing puddling.  Not sure I like that but will continue on since it cost a pretty penny $27 from Amazon. Hoping they will flatten out as they dry. 

Drawn w a Lamy EF loaded with permanent Lexington gray ink. 


Margaret xoxoxo

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