Day 948 Dr Sketchys part 1

Last nite was Dr Sketchys at Chat Noir one of my favorite times of the month. This is one of my favs of the ten or so sketches I did last nite.  I did not feel like dealing with her legs which were very heavy so I swathed her in a gossamer white gown and called her Cleopatra complete with a deadly snake. 

All sketches done with my Whiskey painter watercolor pallette loaded with Windsor newton WC and one lone Daniel Smith Quin coral and painted in a super aquabee tablet with a Pentel brush pen. 

A warm up doodle with my Noodler brush pen and a Noodler Konrad with sepia ink. 

2 minute sketch.  Pentel brush pen. 

2 minute sketch. Pentel brush pen

2 minute sketch. Pentel brush pen

Five minute sketch. Pentel brush pen. Tombow marker.  

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow. 

Margaret off to Aiken for an art show opening. Xoxoxo

Day 947 Is it done?!!Ponce City

Glad to update this with YES ITS DONE! Signed sealed ya wanna buy it?

After over a month of painting on this large canvas Looking Down-Ponce City Market.  I can only hope!! It’s acrylic 3’x4′ BIG!! 

And here’s the progress on it. 

Not much else to say but IS IT DONE?! 


Margaret at the vets with Zoe whose saying is it done is it done too. Xoxoxo