Day 941 A few more als and that urban sketch 

Sketched at the Aiken Brewing Company on Laurens St downtown Aiken 

Colors used Quin gold Quin red orange cerulean, burnt umber, ultramarine, hookers and a gel pen or two. 

Draw with a Lamy Safari and Lexington Grey ink in a Stillman and Birn Zeta. 

Als painting of a student circus 1990. Even then he was trying to paint like Vermeer. 

Als friend from the gym who loved to tell stories. He was a rower in the 52 and 56 Olympics for Hungary. 

Al after his heart attack. He used his computer camera to take this photo. 

The models make Al look like a great painter so he says but we know he’s a great painter. 

Ilaina gorgeous as ever. A Saturday painting. 3×4′

Als office. Always neat. Painted with acrylic. Much wilder than his oil paintings. LOVE This one. Think it got a certificate of merit at the State Fair. 

Als an awesome painter and teacher the reason. I drove 60 miles three times a week to Aiken to become a better painter I HOPE!!